• I have always found Alex very methodical and professional. He is very knowledgable in his field of work.

    Anita Runner
  • Alex's passion for getting you fixed is second to none and I recommend him without reservation to both patients and friends.

    Clare Chinese Medicine Specialist
  • Alex is the biggest legend and inspiration always pushing me and striving for better I seriously don't know how he put ups with me sometimes but has patient of a saint.

    Beth Competitive Bodybuilder
  • Alex provides excellent customer service and helped me overcome my injuries from travelling for business and also spent time with me on how I can maintain a healthy and fit body which is injury-free.

    Leanne Project Manager
  • Alex's credentials set him apart from many of his peers, providing one of the best well-rounded coaching services in the area.

    Steve Stage & Screen Combat Specialist
  • Alex has been a fantastic support to me both before and after my shoulder surgery. He has helped me to understand my injury and the limitations.

    Sammie Charity Worker
  • I couldn’t walk for an hour and a half without being in pain. The service you’ve provided is absolutely phenomenal.

    Cressida Crossfitter
  • Alex combines his knowledge of fitness and therapy to work out the root of problems and does a great job at fixing them.

    Chris Runner
  • Alex has an extremely extensive knowledge of biomechanics. Through the use of postural correction sessions with Alex, I've managed to remain injury free.

    Harry Bodybuilder
  • I have seen really good improvement in target areas. People with very busy lives will find this service useful.

    Emma Yogi & Runner
  • You have created a way of helping me and supporting me that’s personal to my needs.

    Lisa Nurse
  • Alex is one of the best coaches I know. He has a wealth of knowledge that anyone could benefit from. I refer all my clients to Alex for correctional work.

    Sean Body Transformation Coach
  • Alex has such a deep knowledge and understanding of how the body works and what is needed to help keep the muscles healthy.

    Scott Powerlifter
  • Alex is incredibly knowledgable and his enthusiasm to keep learning really demonstrates his passion and dedication to give his clients the best treatment, specific to their needs.

    Natalie Gym Instructor
  • In 1 week the pain in my knee has gone from 100% to about 5%.

    Peter Fire Engineer
  • I was really tight to start with. My movement is much better. Definitely stronger and definitely fitter.

    Anita Teaching Assistant
  • Alex is someone who will take a genuine interest in your improvement, and the results definitely show, I feel I can attribute a lot of my injury free training to him.

    Jason Bodybuilder
  • This has been substantially better than most of my other physio experiences.

    Joshua Runner
  • I was in excruciating pain. I’ve seen such results in such a short period of time.

    Cara MS Sufferer
  • I couldn’t really work. I was struggling to walk. Pain-wise I have definitely seen a decrease. My foot is back to normal.

    Jess Journalist
  • Alex is extremely knowledgable in his field and has helped me a huge amount.

    Darren Triathlete
  • There was very significant pain in my knee. There’s now zero pain.

    David Junior Doctor
  • Alex is a really friendly and approachable coach. He really listens to your needs and works with you to ensure you get the best out of you.

    Brian Gym Goer
  • Alex helped treat my injuries to allow me to train better than ever before. Not only did I reach my goals I also found I gained an education in how to train smarter look after myself.

    Aiden Careworker
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